About Us

The Institute for Creative Health is an independent non-profit Australian organisation, established in 2006 when it was known as the Arts and Health Foundation.

The Institute’s objective is to establish long term support for arts and health advocacy, research and practice across all areas of health and to embed the arts in the nation’s approach to health and wellbeing.

The Institute considers that new challenges require inspired leadership. Speaking with a welcoming voice helps every participant to feel that they have a place. It also requires the message to be outspoken so that people hear.

This is an exciting era for arts and health. We are making a commitment to provide ongoing support for the new national framework on arts and health. We are also accepting the challenge to sponsor projects and facilitate research to advance evidence-based initiatives.

We want people to put into practice the very best ideas.

Check out our latest partnership with VicHealth in rolling out the National Arts and Health Framework.

What we do

The Institute for Creative Health draws its support from the health and arts sectors and works to:

  • Develop, and advocate for, policies which promote individual and community health and wellbeing;
  • Sponsor and support research which demonstrates how the arts positively contribute to good health and wellbeing;
  • Encourage best practice by providing a community platform to enable the sharing of research, stories and information; and
  • Partner with organisations to acknowledge best practice and promote the further expansion of successful initiatives.

What we offer

  • A coherent voice on arts and health policy to government and the media;
  • Research that demonstrates how the arts contribute to wellbeing;
  • Partnerships with leading Australian and International practitioners and organisations to facilitate the sharing of best practice;
  • A place where people can tell their stories; and
  • Support to put into practice what we, and the arts and health sector, believe.

We believe

  • That the arts are essential to health and wellbeing;
  • That our work is evidence and research based;
  • That we inspire people to make connections and get involved; and
  • That we speak up for what we believe in.

How we work

The Institute for Creative Health works collaboratively and in partnership with a range of organisations within the arts and health sector to inform our strategies and priorities.

We are committed to working across a broad range of government, business and community sectors and disciplines to draw attention to critical issues in arts and health. We aim to foster in these sectors an understanding of, and support for, the importance of arts experiences to the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

We are also committed to demonstrating how and why the quality of healthcare is improved when the arts are integrated into its delivery.


The Institute for Creative Health reviews its performance annually in order to gain critical insight into our strategic focus and activities, to review our successes and learn from our mistakes.

Our Brand