From the desk of Emma O’Brien June 2014

Another month has flown by and we are so pleased to be reaching more and more people through this newsletter and our Facebook site. We received so many entries for our name the newsletter competition it was fantastic and almost overwhelming with 222 entries!!!. The judges have asked for a little more time to pick a winner so we will be announcing the winner in the next two weeks and naming the newsletter next month. However, to say thank you…

Other News

Some great events happening in July and checkout the travel assistant programs from Arts and Edges.   Positively Fabulous+ Changing Women’s Lives will be presenting at the Conference and clusters will be installed throughout the conference addressing issue and concern about Women Living with HIV     Arts and Edges have announced travel assistance programs to get you to the Summit.     Arts and Health Conference UNDISCOVERED OPPORTUNITIES: Arts in the healing environment, Tuesday, 1…

Former Institute Director Turns Focus to Global Primary Care

As the new president of WONCA (The World Organization of Family Doctors), Prof Kidd recently saw art being used in Oman to promote a health campaign aimed at the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. “Arts and health is often appropriate to traditional cultures and beliefs to ensure that messages about health are acceptable and are noticed,” he says. “In Oman, local art is being used to draw people’s attention to posters that contained messages about the outbreak of the coronavirus.”…

A day with … Helen Zigmond – ‘The Language of Wellbeing’

It is a winter’s day. Some of the children I have seen today have not been outside for weeks. They do not know that it is a really gusty day. I see Rosie a four year old who has spent all of her life in the hospital on a life support system, rolled to one side with her respirator on, she smiles as I enter the room. I have a folder for her 10 stories we have created since February….

Professor Ian Hickie – why The Institute is critical for bringing people together

Robyn Archer AO talks arts and health from a personal perspective.

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